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Default Welcome to the new S550 Mustang forum

As you can see, the site is brand new. If you are viewing this post, I hope you decide to join us here and make this one of the biggest 6thGen S500 Mustang forums out there. I am also wanting to hear what you like to see here.

As this is a new forum, I am looking for members that would be willing to help me run the forums. If you would like to become a moderator here, please signup and contact me. Otherwise, sign up and post anything and everything about the S550 Mustang!

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Shaggy, if you can find people to run this site like the mods do at S197forum you will have a winner on your hands. People are VERY dedicated to that site as you have seen... they are that way as none of us believe that just because a vendor pays to sell their wares, they should be allowed to get away with screwing people over. All of the other forums (SVTP, MM, etc.) will remove negative posts towards vendors and protect them so important information doesn't make it to the members who really need it. If protection starts you will unfortunately have nothing but a chat board instead of a top notch tech forum. Just my $0.02.
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